Midnight Evocation

Midnight Evocation 1964

After the passing of his wife, a man remarries and he and his new wife begin to suspect the old wife's spirit isn't at peace.

Strange Tale at Midnight

Strange Tale at Midnight 1955

Upon the death of an elderly master, a family has a dispute over the distribution of an inheritance / jewelry and are haunted by ghosts.

The Undercover Woman

The Undercover Woman 1946

Two women private detectives arrive at a dude ranch in time to investigate the murder of their client's philandering husband.

Road to Hell

Road to Hell 1988

Police detectives are investigating a pharmaceutical institute for possible drugs manufacturing and distribution.


Aevia 2014

A born-again Catholic who, through the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist, allows God to transform her heart. We all come into the Church torn apart by the world, but with time and the sacraments our souls are healed. Over the years, Aevia has starved her soul of nourishment and is on the edge, ready to jump and be done with the world, when God calls His Church to save her. She is mesmerized by the holiness and consolation within the Church, and her newfound emotions rise to the surface.

Widow Ghost 5

Widow Ghost 5 1994

After being attacked by a rapist and getting stabbed before killing her attacker, a young woman is accused of being a ghost.


Washed 2014

After years of searching for his missing girlfriend, Eric meets a mysterious girl who claims to have the answers to her disappearance.

Sleepers East

Sleepers East 1934

No good deed goes unpunished for Lena Karelson (Wynne Gibson), hooker with a heart of gold trying to go straight in the big city. Covering a bachelor party for a friend in need, Lena winds up at a gambling house where she is the sole witness when Mayor Wentworth's drunken lout of a son shoots the owner. Wentworth's political machine wants Lena to falsely incriminate mob boss Callahan to bolster their re-election campaign. Callahan's mouthpiece nabs Lena first, conveying her stealthily by train from Toledo to New York to prevent her from testifying against the big boss. A midnight special smash-up, a tense courtroom finale and true love triumphant round out this typical Fox pre-Code programmer, released just before the Legion of Decency dropped the hammer in 1934.

Ghost Hotel

Ghost Hotel 1975

A series of murders at a hotel (plus some missing money) has the police investigating the hotel staff. However, someone has actually been possessed by a ghost. After thinking they've driven out the evil spirit, a family takes possession of the property and move in, but the spirit returns.