Sable 2017

Caught between her dreams of a better life, a rich mobster who thinks he owns her and an unstable boyfriend who has just killed a man, Sable must take control of her own life or she may find herself dead by dawn.

Fine, with Occasional Murders

Fine, with Occasional Murders 1984

Kanako returns from the USA to a troubled mother who witnessed a man leaving a murder scene and is consequently under persistent threat. For the time being.


One 2009

The fear and shutting off the reality, a state of a dream, although beautiful as it seems, can not exist forever. Because the man knows that one day, he will have to awake from the dream and confront the fear.

Break of Day

Break of Day 2017

A young woman meets a man in a seedy hotel for a mysterious assignation in this unsettling narrative.


Staycation 2016

Unforeseen circumstances have brought a man to New York City alone. A trip that was meant for him and his girlfriend — they were to see a show — is now just him. And there’s something off about his Airbnb.

Los materiales

Los materiales 2010

MATERIAL 1. adj. Having substance or capable of being treated as fact; not imaginary. 2. adj. Derived from or composed of matter. 3. adj. Having material or physical form or substance. 4. adj. Directly relevant to a matter especially a law case. 5. adj. Concerned with or affecting physical as distinct from intellectual or psychological well-being. 6. adj. Concerned with worldly rather than spiritual interests. 7. n. Artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers. 8. n. Things needed for doing or making something. 9. n. Information (data or ideas or observations) that can be used or reworked into a finished form. 10. n. The tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object.

Duke Bluebeard's Castle

Duke Bluebeard's Castle 1989

This highly acclaimed film version of Béla Bartók's searing psychological opera, performed by Robert Lloyd and Elizabeth Laurence, won the 1989 Prix Italia Music Prize. Bartók's short opera, one of the composer's most impressive early works, tells the macabre legend of Duke Bluebeard, who brings his young wife Judith to live in his remote castle. The dramatic intensity increases as sinister secrets are gradually unveiled, bringing the opera to its haunting conclusion.

Black Asylum

Black Asylum 2013

Black Asylum was originally planned as a feature, which has yet to happen. Instead, this 5-minute trailer was shot in order to try to tempt investors. It was screened at several film festivals including the Santa Monica International Film Festival.

Mike Hammer: Song Bird

Mike Hammer: Song Bird 1998

A female jazz singer becomes the prime suspect in a series of murders when some of her fellow band members and her mob boss boyfriend all end up dead. It's up to Mike Hammer to find her and keep her safe. This feature derived from the reboot of Mike Hammer, Private Eye aired on TV in two parts in 1998 and was given a feature DVD release in 2003.