Tigers on Ice

Tigers on Ice 1971

A brave girl is replacing her twin brother in the hockey game and helps his team to win.

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham 1973

A very persistent Sam-I-Am repeatedly asks his unnamed friend, in a multiplicity of ways, whether his friend would like ham accompanied by, of all things, green eggs.

Zorro: Return to the Future

Zorro: Return to the Future 2007

When Diego de la Vega puts on his black mask and cape for the first time, he becomes Zorro, ready to fight crime and protect the innocent! This modern-day Zorro fights crime on the Tornado-Z, a very cool purple motorcycle unlike any other, and instead of a sword, is armed with the Weapon Z, which shoots lasers from both ends!

Gröna gubbar från Y.R.

Gröna gubbar från Y.R. 1986

A UFO has crashed close to a summer holiday park and a couple of kids are set to help them with the aid of a man with magic powers. But they have to hurry before an anti UFO force finds the green men from outer space.

Cat in the Hat: Ocean Commotion

Cat in the Hat: Ocean Commotion 2012

A brand new adventure, underwater we'll go, With the Cat and his friends in the ocean below! Swim with baby seahorses; cool down with some ice, learn tricks from sea creatures, now won't that be nice? And go deep deep down in the ocean so blue, Where the Cat and his friends are waiting for you!

Playmobil: Top Agents

Playmobil: Top Agents 2011

Playmobil Top Agents is a classical Sixties Spy Thriller setting where the Good Guys, a.k.a. "Spy Team" fight Dr. Evil and his "Robo Gang" (the bad guys) for world domination. The Robo-Gang threatens to take over the world using orbit-launched "Chaos Capsules" … and the "Spy Team" attempts to prevent this.

Joseph and the Coat of Many Colours

Joseph and the Coat of Many Colours 1999

In this inspirational Bible story, Joseph is his father's favorite, but he is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. Overcoming all obstacles, Joseph becomes Governor of Egypt and saves his family from famine, reuniting at last with his beloved father and forgiving his brothers.

Wonder Pets!: Save the Nutcracker

Wonder Pets!: Save the Nutcracker 2008

A collection of Christmas-themed Wonder Pets Episodes. Save The Nutcracker When the Mouse King steals the Wonder Pet's Nutcracker, our heroes must follow him into a Christmas book to get it back - all to the sounds of Tchaikovsky's beloved ballet.

Maja Stoneface

Maja Stoneface 1996

While her mama is at the hospital to give birth, and her dad has gone off with a mistress, Maja has to survive by herself and her grandma, thanks to her Indian costume and her second Indian identity as Maja Stoneface.

Cinema Circus

Cinema Circus 1937

Actor Lee Tracy presides as ringmaster over a show that combines the best elements of cinema with the circus, what he calls a Cinema Circus. Tracy introduces a number of professional circus acts, plus a cavalcade of movie stars who have side shows under the open air big tent. There is as much action in the audience as Tracy identifies a number of movie stars watching the proceedings incognito, having their own fun in the stands, and sometimes interacting with the circus acts.

Jeremy's Egg

Jeremy's Egg

An inspirational look into the life of a young man and how he brings out the best in those around him, including a Navy pilot, played by director Steve Viall. Based on Ida Mae Kempel's story WHAT WAS IN JEREMY'S EGG?, an award-winning true story.

The King

The King 2012

A feature documentary about one of the greatest sportsmen ever. Darko Kralj (the King) is the only sportsman in the history of sports who has beaten a world record in his category five times in a row at one world championship! A Croatian paralympic, seriously wounded in 1991 during the war in Croatia, Darko Kralj almost died. Doctors didn't expect him to survive. Today, he lives with a wife and three sons, the eldest one being the one Darko is the most attached to. A similar destiny brought them together; the kid has lost his biological father in the war. Tereza, his wife, has her own life story. Towards the end of this unusual life story, we shall get a clearer understanding of where Darko's strength and incredible love for life comes from...

Timoshkina's Christmas Tree

Timoshkina's Christmas Tree 1966

The young boy sends away out of the house his little dog on the New Year's Eve so it gets lost in the woods during the snowstorm, but New Year's miracle happens. New Year's holiday without a tree - it's no good! Timosha came to such a conclusion and, quickly gathered, went for the fir-tree to the forest with his puppy. Adventures for their share in the forest fell a lot, but they chose a Christmas tree, beautiful, fluffy and slender. While they were chopping, they quarreled a bit, took them home on a sledge - they puzzled Snowman and Kitchen scarecrow. And when they began to dress up, the puppy accidentally dropped a glass toy, and Timka drove him out into the street. And that for the New Year without friendship it will turn out ... A fascinating puppet cartoon for children of Nathan Bitman "Timoshkina Christmas tree" - an intelligent and kind history, beautiful, beautifully voiced and relevant.


Totte 1973

A collection of all Totte tales. -Totte is small. -Totte goes out. -Totte takes a bath. -Totte tidies. -Totte builds. -Totte goes to the doctor. -Totte bakes. -Totte plays with the cat. -Totte and Malin. -Totte dresses up.

Bernadette - The Princess of Lourdes

Bernadette - The Princess of Lourdes

It’s February 11, 1858. Three girls from Lourdes, France, gather firewood in front of a grotto. Suddenly one of them, Bernadette Soubirous, 14, drops to her knees, gazes ecstatically at something beautiful only she can see, and starts to pray. Soon the town buzzes: Has Bernadette, poor, sickly, and always behind in school, really seen a Lady from Heaven? Then a spring bubbles up from nowhere and withered arms and sightless eyes are cured. At last, the Lady tells Bernadette her name: “I am The Immaculate Concepcion.” BERNADETTE, THE PRINCESS OF LOURDES, is the exciting true story of a visit by the Queen of Heaven that left the entire world a source of health for body and soul.

My Adventures by V. Swchwrm

My Adventures by V. Swchwrm 2012

SWCHWRM is about a boy who wants to be writer and describes his experiences. He uses the pseudonym, V. Swchwrm, because he wants to remain unknown. He describes, among other things, the death of his grandfather and encounters with the queen. SWCHWRM is based on "Mijn avonturen door V. Swchwrm" by Toon Tellegen.